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COBA Major Players Selected to the Provicinal All-Star Teams

September 5th, 2017 by

With the end of another season comes the selection and posting of the annual Ontario Senior Baseball Blog Provincial All-Star teams. This year, 17 COBA Major League players were selected to the prestigious teams occupying almost half of the spots on the three teams. Etobicoke led the way with 6 selections while Erindale had 4, Brampton 3, Niagara 2 and both Mississauga SW and Milton grabbing 1 a piece. The following is a recap of the players selected to the respective teams:

1st Team All-Stars
1st Base – Matt Lahn (Milton Red Sox): .412 AVG/.510 OBP/.622 SLG/1.132 OPS/2 HR/48 RBI/15 2B/23 BB
2nd Base – Keegan Murphy (Brampton Royals): .430 AVG/.500 OBP/.533 SLG/1.033 OPS/1 HR/25 RBI/11 SB
Shortstop – Jordan Grant (Niagara Metros): .350 AVG/.469 OBP/.542 SLG/1.011 OPS/3 HR/30 RBI/12 2B/24 BB
Outfield – Alex Thrower (Etobicoke Rangers): .432 AVG/.506 OBP/.446 SLG/.952 OPS/18 RBI/60 H/32 SB
Designated Hitter – Chris Novia (Erindale Cardinals): .402 AVG/.503 OBP/.721 SLG/1.225 OPS/11 HR/47 RBI/24 BB/49 H/44 R

2nd Team All-Stars
Catcher – Marco DiRoma (Brampton Royals): .390 AVG/.483 OBP/.577 SLG/1.061 OPS/4 HR/36 RBI/48 H/22 SB
Shortstop – Jamie Smith (Mississauga SW Twins): .415 AVG/.479 OBP/.523 SLG/1.003 OPS/1 HR/14 RBI/14 SB
Outfield – Jay Woodford (Erindale Cardinals): .348 AVG/.376 OBP/.631 SLG/1.007 OPS/10 HR/44 RBI/10 2B
Outfield – Danny Beaver (Niagara Metros): .466 AVG/.500 OBP/.685 SLG/1.185 OPS/14 RBI/14 SB
Designated Hitter – Joe Ferreira (Brampton Royals): .416 AVG/.531 OBP/.753 SLG/1.284 OPS/4 HR/31 RBI/12 2B
Relief Pitcher – Kyle Breitner (Etobicoke Rangers): 22 GP/5-1/4 SV/3.00 ERA/1.37 WHIP/60 INN/54 H/28 R/20 ER/28 BB/75 K

3rd Team All-Stars
Catcher – Tanner Young-Shultz (Etobicoke Rangers): .297 AVG/.430 OBP/.525 SLG/.955 OPS/4 HR/29 RBI/3 3B/27 BB/11 SB
2nd Base – Pip Murray Smith (Erindale Cardinals): .359 AVG/.434 OBP/.407 SLG/.841 OPS/27 RBI/38 R/52 H/15 SB
3rd Base – Ryan Panas (Etobicoke Rangers): .361 AVG/.435 OBP/.420 SLG/.855 OPS/33 RBI/26 BB/61 H/10 2B
Outfield – Daniel Murphy (Etobicoke Rangers): .379 AVG/.444 OBP/.510 SLG/.954 OPS/2 HR/39 RBI/11 2B/15 SB
Designated Hitter – AJ Iafrate (Etobicoke Rangers): .368 AVG/.419 OBP/.564 SLG/.983 OPS/4 HR/43 RBI/11 2B
Left Handed Pitcher – Andrew Mullin (Erindale Cardinals): (14 GP/6-2/1 SV/3.58 ERA/1.38 WHIP/70 1/3 INN/70 H/50 R/28 ER/27 BB/64 K

Provincial Major Awards
Alex Thrower (Etobicoke Rangers): Ontario Rookie of the Year Recipient
Danny Beaver (Niagara Metros): Ontario Rookie of the Year Runner-Up
Keegan Murphy (Brampton Royals): Ontario Rookie of the Year Runner-Up

Adam McBride (Etobicoke Rangers): Ontario Most Improved Player Runner-Up

Steve Breitner (Etobicoke Rangers): Ontario Manager of the Year Recipient

Chris Novia (Erindale Cardinals): Ontario Most Valuable Player Runner-Up

Some very impressive numbers out of the COBA Major League for the 2017 season. Congratulations to all of these players and coaches who were named to these lists. Your contributions to your teams and senior baseball were to be commended this season.

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